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The World Top 10 Best Dive Location

The number of people that like scuba diving is approximated to be 1.2 million. Looking for the right diving site isn’t a simple thing to do. This is because there are several options for the best diving locations that you can visit in the whole world. Here are some of the places that you can consider when you are searching for the diving areas.

The Sipadan Island, and Bar of Malaysia are some of the areas that you can think of when you think of scuba diving. In case you want to add to your diving experience interaction with sharks then considers the barracuda points. More to sharks you will come across several types of fish and turtles. Many people travel to this area during their vacation which can be a threat to the security of your items.

Australia is the second place to mind about. The Yongala is one of the diving sites that you will have to visit when you are in Australia. Some of the creatures that will catch your attention here is the sea snake, sharks, Manta rays, coal, a variety of fish and octopi.

On the third place we have Ma, Kona, Hawaii. In this site you will enjoy participating in the Manta ray experience.

Ric, Thailand is the other place that you can consider when choosing the right place for diving fun. The beautiful thing about Ric area is the Rock that will give you the overview of the manta rays, whale shark and variety of fish which includes batfish, jacks and also barracuda. To see most of these creatures you will need more than one afternoon.

Don’t forget to check for Gili Islands of Indonesia. In Indonesia, you can consider the Gili for the diving adventure. This place is good for its pricing and the best place for diving.

Additionally, you can decide to go to Boracay of Philippines. This location is good for clownfish to encounter, eels, massive reef systems and also sparkling picturesque beaches. Additionally, this location will not frustrate you if you are an expert diver.

Furthermore you can put the Fernando de Noronha off Brazil in your options. Dolphins and turtles are some of the animals that you will encounter when you visit this location. Also consider this site for wrecking.

In Belize think of Gre. The Gre tops in the best scuba diving location in the world. As diving is not enough, you will still see a variety of fish, sharks, Octopi and enjoy its depth and width.

On the list, add the This of the Egyptian Red Sea. If you want you to see the large British vessel that sunk in 1941 when it was attacked carrying war supplies then this is your destination.

In Micronesia, we have Blu and Palau for you. In this diving site, you will see many different creatures that will give you a long lasting experience.