Practical and Helpful Tips:

The Physical Effects Of Drugs On The Body

The Substances and medications that we ingest into our bodies can directly affect our appearance. When you abuse drugs your appearance gives you an away. You want to know how your appearance will be, check out what it will be like with the use of certain drugs.

Your skin tone will change automatically. You get a pink tone when you abuse alcohol, this comes about when alcohol opens up your blood vessels, and you will experience this. We have other drugs that make your skin appear dull, that is heroin and meth. So each category of drugs you use will affect your skin in either way.

Irritations on the skin are other common things that you will experience with drug abuse. Certain drugs cause wounds. Heroin and meth users cannot handle the itching; they are forced to scrab their bodies unit their skins break. The subtle itches feel extreme until the skin breaks. Another thing is that the picking and scratching as it happens largely scrabs may form on your body or the face, and you will, in turn, develop acne and irritations. Your skin would look so old with scars and scrabs which is not cool.

Tooth decay can be another problem arising from drug abuse. Heroin for example is very dangerous to the health of the teeth, for a drug user it will lower the blood pressure and once that is done, what follows is that , there would be insufficient blood supply to the roots, the roots would eventually die hence tooth decay. Your teeth formula would be affected, and you cannot hide anymore. Mouth conditions are other critical effects that are quite noticeable. Your oral health also declined drug abuse. For example alcohol users are faced with a problem whereby the level of acid is increased in their mouth and with this happening, the soft tissues in the mouth are affected. On the other side, meth mouth would come up here the mouth breath becomes awful, teeth get stained, and ulcers develop in the mouth.

As if that is not enough we have weight loss and weight gain. With consumption of substances like cocaine or opioids your appetite gets lost, so you thin up, and you develop a skeletal appearance. With heroin, your fats are gone, so you remain a skeleton too. Alcohol increase your body weight since it opens up your blood vessels the body swells overtime, and you gain a lot of weight. Hair loss is another effect. Steroids have an effect, you develop chest hair, but your head remains with bald spots.