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    The Benefits of Using Telephony

    Due to technology, we can nowadays enjoy voice communication over the internet. After getting voice vibrations, internet telephony converts them to digital vibrations, compresses and translates them into IP address. The packets are again converted into the ordinary telephone signals that are compatible with a regular phone.Small businesses have found this technology very useful. This technology is quite beneficial especially to small growing businesses.

    Small businesses enjoy increased mobility and flexibility when using internet telephony.Apart from integrating e-fax, e-mail and also remote conferencing, internet telephony is actually cheaper. Mobility of the gadgets makes them usable and movable to any location with an internet connection. Cooperate employees find this mobility very beneficial.

    Through telephony, there is increased productivity. Multitasking can be done without interruptions by employees due to telephony use. Money saved from huge calling bills can now be directed to other uses. Production can be …

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