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Risks of Not Having Health Insurance

Is it true that you are one of the 28.5 million Americans without any type of medical coverage? There are few reasons why you can decide not to go for health insurance. For many people, the lack of finances is the main reason they lack health insurance. Other reasons why many people dont buy health insurance is because they feel that they have enough money to cater for quality health care services if they become sick while others know that they are healthy hence no need for health insurance since they rarely get sick. Regardless of your reasoning, health insurance is an important service that every person should acquire. This article, therefore, explains some of the risks of not having health insurance.

The primary reason why you need health insurance is to help you eliminate the risks of premature death. We will all bite the dust one day, however, that is not the point. It is important to note that if you dont have health insurance, your chances of early death rise and this is explained below. With health insurance, you have a more prominent motivation to go in for customary therapeutic checkups. This is because you will be required to pay for health insurance premium hence the need to make use of your money by going for medical checkups. There are many reasons why you need to visit a doctor for medical checkups once in a while. With regular checkups, your doctor is able to detect various health conditions before they develop and become life-threatening diseases or even become more expensive to treat. But without health insurance services, a person will not be motivated to go for checkup services. Serious health issues may go undetected and by the time the issue is known the problem may be difficult to resolve.

The second risk you are likely to have if you dont buy health insurance is that you will receive treatment in non-preferred medical facilities. Even when you have the budgetary ability to get to the best medical care services, there are various instances when you probably won’t have that benefit. For example, think of a situation where you are involved in a tragic road accident. If you are involved in a tragic road accident no doubt you will be unconscious. In case paramedics arrive at the scene the law states that all victims of the road accident are taken to the nearest public hospital. Had you been conscious, you’d most likely have gone to top notch private clinic. Having medical insurance can help you avoid such situations. If you have medical insurance, the first responders in the accident scene can get access to your insurance card and take you to a preferred health facility that provides quality health services.