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What You Need to Know About Prescription Drug Smuggling

Unlike other types of drugs that people use unnecessarily, prescription drugs requires a permit to sue from the medical profession. At times one may find himself purchasing certain drugs that are not prescribed by a doctor, such drugs include over the counter drugs. Countries have enacted laws that govern the making, and use of drugs with the aim of curbing drug abuse and drug smuggling. The following are the essential stages of drug monitoring that some countries have adopted in their drugs policy measures these include defunct category, pharmacy medicine, pharmacist, prescription, caution, poison, dangerous poison, controlled drug, as well as prohibited drug.

The expiry date of prescription drugs is of the essence in most countries. The expiry date specifies the date up to which the manufacturer guarantees the full potency and safety of a drug. It is highly recommended to check the expiry date of the drugs before using, if you find that they are outdated, then you should not use them. The expiry date is critical since it indicates the day that manufacturer guarantees the full potency of the drug. For clarity purposes, the drug manufacturers are instructed to include the expiry dates if the drug on the labels. The expiry dates are supposed to be indicated on the labels earlier before the drugs are marketed.

In addition, the drug regulation board also regulates the prices of the drugs. The strategies enacted by the drugs regulation bodies also aim at curbing drug smuggling. One of the best strategies for curbing drug smuggling is to prohibit any unlicensed trade of prescription drugs and other types of drugs. Countries have passed severe penalties on people found to be smuggling drugs. It is good to note that the penalty varies depending on the type of drug , the amount smuggled, the places where they are sold as well as the people they are distributed. Those found involved in drug smuggling may face the following penalties including a long-term jail sentence, freezing of bank accounts as well as paying heavy fines.

The number of drug smuggling cases have increased over the years due to the formation of drug smuggling organizations that hires people to do the job at a fee. The groups conceal their operations to levels where governments cannot trace their operations. When a country wants to stop drug smuggling, there are certain policy measures that it needs to adopt, these include the following. Governments need to step up their operation against high intensity drug trafficking. Due to the availability of different law enforcement agencies that specialize in different fields, governments need to bring the agencies together in order to fight against the high intensity drug smuggling.

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