Travel Garment Steamer: Portable Clothes Steamer Buying Guide

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A travel garment steamer is a travel that is great for getting rid of lines and wrinkles from clothing, freshening and sanitizing linens, and a lot more. If you are a traveler that is frequent you understand the pain of hotel irons. I happened to be a 100% business traveler for many years and I also learned quickly that a travel that is portable steamer ended up being the actual only real reliable choice for getting rid of wrinkles from my company attire.

If you travel a lot, you know what I’m talking about. Do some of these circumstances problem?

o No iron in the college accommodation and a lot of difficulty getting one sent to the room

o No ironing board with a lot more trouble getting one brought to the room

o An iron that does not get hot with obvious corrosion coming out of the holes due tap water usage

o White mineral build-up taken from the holes getting all over your dark clothes

o An iron that obviously ironed some material that melted to it and today is able to transfer it self to your clothes

Path warriors can leave that all that behind through getting a simple travel apparel steamer.

Just what should you look for in a travel handheld apparel steamer?


It appears easy, nevertheless when you look at a number of the handheld clothing steamer designs, it does make you wonder if they are actually created for portability. Your travel steamer needs to match your suitcase, backpack, or carry-on with space for all you other essentials. Happily, all the popular travel steamers are well-designed to use up as little area as you are able to in your travel bags.


One of many difficulties with a travel handheld garments steamer, when compared to full-sized steamer, is too little energy. An clothing that is ineffective with a weak vapor flow is just discouraging and also you might as well keep it at home. More power means a far more effective vapor movement and a faster time to steam.

A handheld steamer for clothing is compact and lightweight to carry with you, but that will leave small room within the design for heating elements that create the power you need. In the event that you get too small, you may well be disappointed in the performance of your travel steamer.

Water Capability

Water reservoir on the fuel is held by a travel steamer that creates the steam you’ll want to eliminate lines and wrinkles. A more substantial reservoir will deliver continuous steam longer to help you eliminate more lines and wrinkles. A more substantial reservoir adds weight, bulk, and as you need to hold it in your hand, perhaps more awkwardness. A bigger fabric that is portable will also take up more space in your suitcase.

Distilled Water

You will discover that some manufacturers will make claims that you can use regular plain tap water in their steamers. The reality is if you utilize distilled water, your garment steamer shall go longer. The thing is that most regular water every-where has some known degree of mineral content and when water is converted to steam, the minerals are left out to coat the heating elements. With time, it reduces the potency of your garment that is handheld steamer eventually will render it useless.

Therefore, where do you turn? Ideally you should always use water that is distilled. Offered your busy routine therefore the pain of buying water that is distilled the road, the greatest you can do is most likely to utilize difficult water cleaner crystals (fundamentally sodium) to prolong the life span of the steamer. Some models include an example regarding the crystals.

Power Switch

You’d genuinely believe that all devices would have on/off switches. Most travel steamers are plug-and-steam. As they’re connected in, they truly are on. You may damage it if you forget to unplug the steamer. Some travel apparel steamers come with an switch that is on/off safety and convenience. Some models handle this problem by giving an automatic shut-off feature in the event that product gets too hot or water in the reservoir gets too low.

Cord Length

Road warriors know that outlets in rooms in hotels are few and far between rather than where you would expect them. It’s gotten better on the years, but the situation is far from perfect. Usually, I had to use the restroom outlet and hang my clothing on a closet home or on the bath rod. You hang your clothing will depend on the length of your portable garment steamer power cord where you plug in and where. An extended cord can mean the essential difference between comfortable winkle elimination and frustration that is utter.


Have you been a global world tourist? If that’s the case, pay attention to the voltage specs on any travel steamer you are considering. If you travel away from U.S., you’ll need a dual-voltage capable steamer that can manage both 120 and 240 volts and 50/60 Hz.


No one is going to see your handheld steamer. With that said, nice styling makes an appliance more inviting. My recommendation is keep the style behind and go after the better engineered travel steamer that will get the job done.

Tools and add-ons

Most travel clothing steamers have at the very least a material brush, lint brush, protective bag that is carrying situation. Any thing more is a bonus.


When a maker provides a long warranty, they’re suggesting they’ve faith within their materials and workmanship. Look for a fabric steamer with a warranty of just one 12 months or better.


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